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Product Managers are becoming one of the most sought-after job titles in tech. As per an internal survey by The Strategy Story, 50%+ of graduates would like to choose a career in Product Management.

The Strategy Story is on a mission to simplify things for professionals. Be it through our amazing stories or be it through our learning guides and playbooks. Our goal is to make you a better management professional in every possible way.

Sumukha K V, a Product Leader with 16+ years of Industry Experience in Product Development & Management and an MBA in Product Management, helps you build the basics of Product Management Strategies.

What you would learn in the Playbook on Product Management

  • What are the different parts of Product management?
  • What do those parts mean and why they are needed?
  • What steps does someone take while managing a product?
  • What are the processes one should look into while building a successful product?
  • What are the tools to execute product management?

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